What do current wearers say about their Páramo?


  What do current wearers say about their Páramo?

"For testimonial I can only repeat what I say to my home club members and to Ramblers Holidays group members when the subject of gear comes up -'I believe that Paramo is the market leader in top layer clothing required to be both waterproof and breathable'"
  Jeff Reading

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  Men's Alta Jacket, Ladies' Alta Jacket, Fuera Windproof Jacket, Taiga Fleece, Men's Aspira Trousers, Men's Aspira Smock, Men's Aspira Salopettes, Men's Aspira Jacket, Men's Velez Adventure Smock, Ladies’ Pájaro Jacket, Velez Smock, Torres Overlayering Gilet,

Fuera Windproof Smock

, Ladies' Cascada Jacket, Men's Cascada Jacket, Men's Cascada Trousers, Ladies' Alta II Jacket, Men's Alta II Jacket, Ladies' Cascada Trousers

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